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Merry Christmas



Thank you so much for all your contributions, helping to see into its first Yuletide (or whatever you would like to call the festive season). I count myself lucky coming from a lovely diverse family – here I am with my mums and children.  Queer families are hard to come by and I know how lucky I am to be so loved.  I’m mindful of course of all my friends separated from their loved ones for no reason other than to be themselves.  I want you to know that you’re not broken, or wrong, despite what anybody says. You’re beautiful.


Fallon Fox

It’s really windy and rainy out there, I hope you’re keeping snug and warm.  I was  totally blown away by Fallon Fox, who did an article recently in GQ magazine.   I mean I’m not really  into fighting, but wow!

Recently in transiness (the facebook group), a friend posted this:

“If you’re going home to an unsupportive family this holiday season, remember that your worth is not defined by what they say or how they treat you.”

Christmas can be a difficult time for those separated from their families.  I count myself lucky, I’m part of a loving family who hold each other close.  There’s a lot of love in the trans community too, make sure you join the transiness facebook group for a chat over Christmas.


So, what’s your sexuality?

I asked a group of trans people and cis allies what their current sexuality is, and left options for people to fill in whatever they like.  In order of popularity, this is what they said:

  • I’m attracted to personality
  • I identify as bi or pansexual
  • I’m attracted to femininity
  • I’m attracted to pretty
  • I’m attracted to masculinity
  • I’m attracted to kindness
  • I’m attracted to other queers
  • I identify as lesbian
  • I identify as queer
  • Panromantic asexual
  • I’m uncertain
  • I’m only attracted to trans people

There’s something beautifully different about the way trans people and their allies do things here…  I hope you can see it too!


Further NHS England Twitter Clubs

Following the amazing success of the recent consultations by NHS England, the following twitter clubs will be taking place:

Tuesday 17 December 1 pm- Minorities within the trans* community (for example intersex, people with disabilities, people from ethnic minorities etc)
Thursday 19 December 8 pm- Children and young trans* people
Wednesday 8 January 1 o clock- Older trans* people
Tuesday 14 January 6 o clock- wrap-up session: any issues not covered so far.

Please get involved, have your say –

Hashtag: #NHSGenderID