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Plans for the year?

After a very stressful Christmas and new year (work problems, now sorted I hope), I feel I can start looking forward to what might be an even better year than 2013, if that is possible.

In just over a week I hope to get my diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria confirmed at my second GIC psychiatric assessment and then begin on hormone treatment and the long road to Gender Confirmation Surgery.  I hope to get assistance with hair removal, I have a lot, and the process is very expensive and beyond what I can comfortably afford although I do what I can when I can.

I don’t know about you, but the closer the goal becomes the more impatient I am to reach it.  I hope to be able to meet a few Facebook Friends in person at Trans Pride Brighton, I have already pencilled that weekend into my diary and can’t wait to have fish and chips on the promenade!


It’s a beautiful day for Scotland!

Today heralds a fantastic step forward for Scotland, where at last trans people are afforded equal human rights – equal to that of cis and LGB people.  The spousal veto to their equal marriage has been removed. Read all about it in the pink news here.

“The Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee has voted unanimously to pass an amendment by MSP Linda Fabiani in favour of removing the spousal veto from the country’s equal marriage bill.”


Go where you are loved

I had finished yoga and watched the rain patter against the windows. It was calm and beautiful but I knew I needed to spend some time alone, there was a huge sadness in my heart and I felt home was not right for me just yet. So I walked the wet streets of Brighton, taking pictures with my phone. Here is one of them.

Go where you are loved



Have you heard of Janet Mock?

Well, you do now – and she’s vitaminW’s woman of the year 2013, and well deserved it is too.  A lot of trans people who “pass for cisgender” well enough tend to want to disappear, partly because societal pressures against them are so huge.  Thank-you Janet for your personal sacrifice in relinquishing this privilege and your personal drive to make things better for everyone.

“When we as a society care, and center the most oppressed and marginalized in our communities…we tend to be a stronger society.” – Janet Mock


May, did I tell you how awesome you are?

It wasn’t long ago that I shared a list of brilliant trans women by May, for Autostraddle (News, Entertainment, Opinion, Community and Girl-on-Girl culture).  Today I want to share this link describing how Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox responded to… rather invasive questioning.  I remember saying last year at a conference in Brighton how cis people are obsessed by our genitals… I must admit I went a bit further to say it was pervy (I guess I’m not quite so classy!).



Happy New Year

As we burst in to 2014 and bring with us fresh new starts and a much luckier year number why not have a little look at this article on Autostraddle!  Well I guess it’s not only me that thinks transpeople are awesome… herocrush is a pretty amazing thing to say.  Why thanks, Mey, you’re pretty amazing too.