Here are a collection of articles and a reading list that trans identified people might find interesting.

Under “activism/support” we also have a downloadable selection of the best publications.

Articles: A-Z listings.

Breast development and Physiology – About breast development and hormone influences.

Feminist perspectives on trans issues – The goal in this entry is to outline some of the key philosophical issues at the intersections, and this can be accomplished only by attending to the history of feminist and trans politics as it has unfolded in the U.S. “Transgender” as a politics and “trans studies” as a twin of “queer studies” (Stryker 2004) emerged in the early 1990s and this emergence is intertwined with feminist as well as queer theory and politics.

Identity issues associated with a change of name and gender – Legal information about name changes in the UK.

Largest Study to date: Transgender hormone treatment safe – Medscape article July 2, 2014 about hormone therapy.

The Psychological and social impact of Klinefelters Syndrome – Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic disorder in which there is at least one extra X chromosome to a standard human male karyotype.

Mainstream Issues: minority clients – Tina Livingstone offers a perspective on counselling trans-identified and trans-historied clients.

Medical Management of Adult Transsexual Persons – An article from Medscape about hormone treatment.

Nerve injury and recovery – About nerve recovery from plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Paleo And Sex: How To Have A Ravenous And Kickass Female Libido – Article discussing hormones, libido and sexual function.

Pharmacology of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Menopause – A french article comparing oral and transdermal estrogens, first pass metabolism and rick of MI and DVT’s.

Pharmacological properties of transdermal patches – All you can know about Estradot, a transdermal estrogen patch.


Transfeminist perspectives in and beyond Transgender and Gender Studies. Anne Enke. Pub: Temple University Press, Philadelphia. [Available on Kindle]. 2012.

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