Amelia writes about bravery

Amelia writes about bravery here.

Recently I talked with a friend about transition and being brave or courageous. When I think of brave or courageous, I think of the little trans girl that I was, crying her eyes out and feeling so alone and confused – trapped in an alien body she hardly recognized as her own. I think of that lost teenager, who despite everything, kept her mother afloat until she found her happiness – who used to look in the mirror and prey that she wouldn’t masculinise, who told herself she didn’t look that bad. I think of that young woman, desperately lonely and isolated just wanting to be a mum, just anything to get away from her crippling and terrifying dysphoria. – yet she remained silent. THAT is courage. THAT is bravery. When people talk of strength, they refer to my younger self who carried that weight on her shoulders.

And my body now carries the scars of that struggle against a society obsessed with what women should look like.

It is the bravest and strongest women who transition late in life.



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  1. I sometimes wonder if I would have been braver if I hadn’t transitioned. One day I realised that I just couldn’t go on. I gave up being brave and just accepted the truth.

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