Plans for the year?

After a very stressful Christmas and new year (work problems, now sorted I hope), I feel I can start looking forward to what might be an even better year than 2013, if that is possible.

In just over a week I hope to get my diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria confirmed at my second GIC psychiatric assessment and then begin on hormone treatment and the long road to Gender Confirmation Surgery.  I hope to get assistance with hair removal, I have a lot, and the process is very expensive and beyond what I can comfortably afford although I do what I can when I can.

I don’t know about you, but the closer the goal becomes the more impatient I am to reach it.  I hope to be able to meet a few Facebook Friends in person at Trans Pride Brighton, I have already pencilled that weekend into my diary and can’t wait to have fish and chips on the promenade!