Trans day of visibility 2018

Today is TDOV (trans day of visibility) and unlike the title suggests it isn’t about trans people coming out or outing them, because actually that can be really harmful. It’s more than about acceptance, it’s about anti-oppression, it’s about saying that you care. Please don’t ever out trans people when offering your support.

Here are 5 things you can do to support trans people today:

1) Post/tweet/instagram your support of trans people. If you have a friend or colleague who is trans talk about something you like about them. Love and defend the trans people in your life.

2) Help make spaces encompassing for trans women, men and non-binary people. Support gender neutral bathrooms, support trans women’s inclusivity in women’s spaces. Think about inclusivity rather than excluding people because they’re different to you.

3) Challenge transphobia in all its forms. This might be comments like “I identify as an attack helicopter”, beliefs that people “suddenly identify” as a certain gender for malevolent reasons, referring to people as “biologically” their birth gender, or equivocating being trans to being mentally ill (it’s coming out of the next ICD as a mental illness, just like homosexuality did).

4) Google “how to help trans people” and read some of the articles. Realise that being trans can be really painful. Challenge your internal bias, empathise with what it might be like to be trans and to live in fear of rejection/hostility/violence.

5) Copy and paste this post to your wall on facebook, paste the link in your tweets!

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